Donor Spotlight: Carol Swartout Klein & Ward Klein

For the Kleins, there is a connection between Forest Park's cultural institutions being able to thrive and Forest Park Forever's ability to care for "the spaces in between." Read more →

Donor Spotlight: Spire

Spire's leadership gift will help support improvements to the Park's waterway system – a key goal of the Forever campaign. Read more →

Donor Testimonials: Why Forever

To recognize that Forest Park means so much to so many, we've been collecting testimonials from social media and from our members and donors and sharing them at Keep reading for a small collection of comments from Forever campaign donors about why they decided to contribute to this extraordinary fundraising effort. Read more →

Donor Spotlight: Alwal Moore

“I just hope that more people find out what they can offer the Park, how they can get involved. This is a park of the future. It’s well-maintained — and getting better every day. It’s a place to live a life.” Read more → 

Campaign Improvements: Government & Wells Drives

After six months of construction, Government & Wells Drives reopened on time and on budget. This successfully completed Forever campaign project was celebrate with an opening ceremony on August 17. Read more →

Donor Spotlight: Wells Fargo Advisors

We recently spoke with David Kowach, head of Wells Fargo Advisors, about the company’s longtime support of the Park and their generous gift to the Forever campaign. Read more → 

Endowment at Work: Kerth Fountain Flows Again!

Expanding Forest Park Forever's endowment is a key goal of the Forever campaign. Maintaining a robust endowment allows our team to tackle urgent maintenance needs as they come up, like when Kerth Fountain required unexpected repairs in early July. Read more → 

Campaign Improvements: Festival & Parking Plaza

Transforming the Upper Muny lot into the Festival & Parking Plaza was one of the first successfully completed Forever campaign-funded projects. The space, which had formerly been little more than a crumbling sea of asphalt, became a multifunctional and sustainable space capable of not only housing parked cars, but also welcoming large scale community events. Read more → 

Our Thank You Gift: Take Forest Park With You!

We are thrilled to share that as a token of our gratitude, Forest Park Forever is sending each donor to Forever: The Campaign for Forest Park's Future a special travel tag. Whether you use it on your gym bag for your morning jog through the Park's recreational path, or attach it to your luggage as you make your way through another part of the world, we love the idea of you taking a bit of Forest Park with you on each mile. Read more → 

Forever Event: Forest Park Forever Night at the Ballpark

On August 9, we're bringing the Forever campaign to Busch Stadium, as the Cardinals take on the Royals. Our Nature Reserve Technician Theodore Smith will throw out the first pitch, we will host randomly selected campaign donors in a Cardinals suite, and our President and Executive Director will be interviewed about the Park and this ambitious and transformative campaign. Read more → 

Campaign Improvements: Breaking Ground on Central Fields

Thanks to donations to the Forever campaign, including a lead gift from Emerson, Forest Park's popular Central Fields will be completely transformed to better host major events and local sports leagues. Read more → 

Donor Spotlight: Emerson

Emerson has existed in St. Louis nearly as long as Forest Park itself. And for most of Forest Park Forever's 30 year history, Emerson has been there as a major corporate supporter. Read more → 

Donor Spotlight: Sue McCollum & Family

Sue McCollum made an early leadership gift to the Forever campaign. Here, she shares why the Park is so important to her and her family. Read more → 

Donor Spotlight: The Dana Brown Charitable Trust

Through their long-term support of Forest Park Forever, The Dana Brown Charitable Trust continues to have a remarkable impact connecting our region's youth with the magic and fun of the natural world. Read more → 

Thirty Years to Forever: Three Organizational Leaders Trace Our Three-Decade Arc

During this milestone 30th year for Forest Park Forever, we recently gathered three organizational leaders — Sue Clancy, Jim Mann and Lesley Hoffarth — to reflect on our scrappy beginnings, our remarkable growth and how this current capital campaign is advancing our mission in exciting ways. Read more → 

Donor Spotlight: Caleres

Read about how this St. Louis-based company is improving Forest Park for all visitors, including families and the Park's many walkers and runners. Read more →