We love hearing from our donors about why they choose to support Forest Park. Whether they have a specific childhood memory, a favorite running route or an appreciation for a tucked-away natural area, it seems that everyone has their own connection to the Park. It is a special place, and we are honored to be working everyday to make sure it stays that way for years to come.

To recognize that Forest Park means so much to so many, we've been collecting testimonials from social media and from our members and donors and sharing them at whyforever.org. Below is a small collection of comments from Forever campaign donors about why they decided to contribute to this extraordinary fundraising effort. If you want to share your own quote, photo or video of what Forest Park means to you, we'd love to hear from you.

Keep up the great work of preserving and improving our Crown Jewel. We are fortunate to have such a treasure in our midst and thanks for being watchful stewards.
— Harold D.
I live in DC now but for many years Forest Park was a big part of my life and that of my family. I have it close in my heart and love everything about it. Thank you for your work
— Donna C.
I appreciate all the hard work that goes into making and keeping the Park beautiful and accessible to all.
— Sonja & Ann T.
I want it to be a place we take our grandchildren.
— MaryPat T.
Dx’d with MS in January of 2016, this park has been part therapist and part training partner for me. To stay healthy, I have to keep moving. So far this year, 2,000 miles (run/bike) and counting. And most were in Forest Park. Keep up the good work!
— Jon F.
I’ve been a visitor to Forest Park since I was three years old. It was a place for family reunions, picnics, trips to the Zoo and the Art Museum (I loved the mummy when I was little). I also liked to brag that Forest Park is a couple acres larger than Central Park in New York City. Family members and friends up east were not pleased to hear me gloat about my hometown.
— Terry C.