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The waterway in Forest Park is one of this treasured destination’s most beloved elements. From the Emerson Grand Basin to Post-Dispatch Lake, the Deer Lake Riffles to Jefferson Lake, visitors make millions of memories each year along — and in — this water.

A critical part of the Forever campaign is to improve the waterway's circulation throughout and complete the connection on the Park’s eastern side, a benefit to visitors, wildlife and the environment.


Spire, formerly Laclede Gas, has made a leadership campaign gift of $325,000 to help Forest Park Forever and our City partners make significant progress on these waterway improvements. Specifically, Spire’s contribution is enabling our teams to add new piping and plumbing below ground and install a recirculation system that pumps water from Jefferson Lake to Seven Pools and Bowl Lake, then back to Jefferson Lake.

Spire’s generous gift will improve Forest Park in two key ways: first, greatly improving water quality, through natural aeration, for the benefit of fish, wildlife and the surrounding natural areas; and second, conserving millions of gallons of City water annually, reducing water input costs by approximately $700,000 each year.

“Spire considers itself a leader in the St. Louis community,” says Tim Goodson, Forest Park Forever Board member and the company’s Vice President of Operations for eastern Missouri. “Whether lending expertise through serving on the Board or contributing financial support through Spire’s foundation, our company helps ensure that Forest Park can be enjoyed for generations to come.”

Goodson and his colleagues know that an iconic, 1,300-acre space likes Forest Park needs continual support. “Readers of USA Today recently voted Forest Park the number one city park in America,” he says. “For a municipal park of this reputation and size, it takes time and it takes care to keep it operating in peak condition for everyone to enjoy.”

Spire, which has 1.7 million customers across three states, has introduced a new Spire Serves program that demonstrates the company’s commitment to positively impacting areas such as civic development and the environment. This gift to Forest Park Forever is but one example of the company-wide focus of improving the communities in which it serves.

“This is part of our mission as a company,” Goodson says. “We are increasing the quality of life for all St. Louisans. Forest Park is a vibrant and central part of the community of St. Louis,” Goodson continues. “Spire is proud to be contributing financially to help Forest Park’s waterway be healthier and better connected. We believe this improves the health of the Park and, in a way, inspires the health and well-being of all St. Louisans.”

Originally from the Carolinas, Forest Park Forever Board member Tim Goodson now lives in the Central West End, with the Park just a half-mile away. "It is a vibrant and beautiful place to see," he says. "I don’t think you will find another park like it."