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Campaign Improvements: Government & Wells Drives

After six months of construction, Government & Wells Drives reopened on time and on budget. This successfully completed Forever campaign project was celebrate with an opening ceremony on August 17. Read more →

Endowment at Work: Kerth Fountain Flows Again!

Expanding Forest Park Forever's endowment is a key goal of the Forever campaign. Maintaining a robust endowment allows our team to tackle urgent maintenance needs as they come up, like when Kerth Fountain required unexpected repairs in early July. Read more → 

Campaign Improvements: Festival & Parking Plaza

Transforming the Upper Muny lot into the Festival & Parking Plaza was one of the first successfully completed Forever campaign-funded projects. The space, which had formerly been little more than a crumbling sea of asphalt, became a multifunctional and sustainable space capable of not only housing parked cars, but also welcoming large scale community events. Read more → 

Campaign Improvements: Breaking Ground on Central Fields

Thanks to donations to the Forever campaign, including a lead gift from Emerson, Forest Park's popular Central Fields will be completely transformed to better host major events and local sports leagues. Read more →